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So excited about my new book!


This book is a diet guide, a health guide, a cooking guide, a medicine cabinet, a supplement guide, and an all purpose go to book for pretty much anything having to do with health and healthy living.


With over 25 Chapters of knowledge and helps to help you live your best life!


Get ready to transform your life with the book you hold in your hands! This isn't just a guide—it's your gateway to lasting wellness. Packed with life-enhancing advice, innovative diet tips, and fun, enjoyable ways to savor your meals, this book is all about embracing freedom. Learn how to shift your mindset from Living to Eat to Eating to Live, and discover the true joy of nourishing your body. Embrace a life where food becomes a source of nourishment, energy, and joy—discover how to eat to live, not just to survive. 


“Brent Luck’s 'Eat to Live' is a must-read for anyone looking to improve their health through nutrition. His insights and practical advice are truly life-changing!” — 

Dr. Melinda Smith, Nutrition Expert “


A beautifully written guide that makes healthy eating accessible and exciting. Brent’s passion for health shines through every page.” — John Davidson, Author of 'Healthy Living'

Eating to Live

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